Day Four - Through the Valley of the Gods

First thing's first. When you wake up the guy after 800 miles and then a inhumanely short nap, coffee comes first. Then sunscreen. Matt's system for managing André's sleep seems to have paid off. He reported feeling like he slept 8 hours.

What came next was a hot landscape rolling ride for André and a photographer's dream come true. These photos are just a taste of what we got - don't want to spill all our carefully captured beans - for that you have to wait for the film, but this was a truly special ride.

Monument Valley,  Valley of the Gods, Elephant Butte and the whole of the Navajo Nation Reservation give way to a serious climb and greener landscapes.  Bits of vegetation began growing in spots and elk warning signs gave way to goats wandering all over to cattle in their pastures. 

That serious climb will continue into tomorrow as we approach the big, breezy and exciting descent into Kansas. A super long day of down down down! But the day today is all about making that Durango cutoff and it comes at the end of a hell of a day. André made the station and stopped off for a quick bite of birthday cake as a treat.