Day Six - Putting the Front Half to Bed!

Out there on the road at around 6 AM on the 19th, André passed the halfway point.

The day was spent on the endless rolling Kansan plains. One of the highlights of this race is how comfortably far from Interstates the route stays. It's the road trip of your dreams, with a distinct scarcity of modern commerce and transit bustle. The kind of road trip you think maybe doesn't happen as much as it used to. We have to plan our water, our gas and diesel, and especially propane out well in advance. Mobile phone outages are common and feel a little thrilling. When you can't always tell if you know where you are...

The propane generator onboard the sweet RV (thank you Luxe RV - book yours now... 888.600.0793) powers and charges every last battery we have - and we have tons and tons of batteries and more shipping in soon. Batteries for big cameras, little cameras, drones, laptops, iPhones, and GoPros. There are batteries everywhere. Part of what keeps the team from getting enough sleep is not just keeping up with André but also the process of gear management. All the media needs to be harvested and double backed up. We are typically shooting many terabytes of material a day and that process will take hours. Hours. Usually at night.

Today's events come with a welcome shift - a slight change in the temperatures. The mornings and evenings are finally cooling off. New outfit for your guy. The Kansan roads are long, straight and the feeling driving across them in the day is pretty zen like. Keep your eyes open and an eagle eye out. But it's nice how the mind is set free on the long open byways.

The days are long. It's can be hard on people. Obviously André is pushing his body to unknown personal and human limits, and we are feeling fatigue of our own. Everyone is having to seek out time for sleep and feeding, set aside time to make sure we stay frosty and dialed into André's story and the work he's doing.

Roy fell trying to get out of the car. Did a sweet number on his knee. Ministrations. But that's not why he left.  He had to jump off the road and go to Montana to shoot something without us.

We will miss Roy Marasigan. To explain why we can play a game - which one of these things is NOT true about Roy Marasigan:

1. Roy has wrestled alligators in a controlled yet terrifying setting.

2. Roy attended bullriding school and almost got his head stove in.

3. Roy once punched Stacey Keach in the moustache.

4. Roy take tap dancing lessons and plays the ukulele.


It's number 3.  He never met Stacey Keach. 


Roy Marasigan - Sound.  In his spare time he - no kidding about any of this - wrestles alligators, takes tap dancing lessons, plays the uke, enjoys bullriding and swimming in the Antarctic Ocean.