Day Eight - Water, Water

The entry into Missouri: Water. Rivers, Lakes, Tributaries, Streams, Dams and Ponds. The prairie rollers carry on, but the multiple dams make twisting, spiny lakes and *super* drone shots.  Like super-duper drone shots and you feel two things happening. 

The Continental Divide isn't a joke.  There's more water all of a sudden. Also, farms. Corn, soy, wind, and folk. Folk love to talk, and in Missouri they want to talk to you. And with you. Coming out of the desert - a very dry and windy and contemplative place - to the rolling hills and farms and lush fields of the heartland, you can feel the humanity getting lusher too.  Nothing against our friends in Colorado, but it's still pretty western there. Ruggedness and self-reliance are in the footprints. 

As we move into Missouri  it won't take long before a man 7 feet tall and happy as a mountain at dawn knocks on your trailer door to show you the rattlesnake he just killed with a shovel.

"Big 'un! Thought you'd probably want to see!"